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Custom Digital Time Travel Ticket. Print ready.

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Exclusive Digital Time Travel Ticket.

  • Each customer receives a custom real-time built tracable ticket. Unique ID is generated for each ticket so it cannot be forged.
  • Print ready at high resolution (300dpi)
  • Delivered by e-mail in PDF format
  • Can be optionally sent to another recipient e-mail
  • Exclusive to Ministry of Time Travel™
  • Available in 3 colours. Premium Black, Timeless Gold and Prime Time Blue
  • You will also keep your Tickets stored in your account for future downloads (Keep collecting!)

Decide where you or your friend(s) are going back/forward in time to the moment you want to experience again and again.


Be ahead of time and register your ticket.

And remember, when they ask you where you’ve come from tell them the future.


We have introduced the tickets in order to govern and control time travel traffic. As the time travelling is not yet implemented we are using the tickets for gift and entertaining purposes.

However once Time travelling activities are achievable and available to the public we will petition to make sure those holding the tickets will be given priorities in the expected ever growing time travel traffic.

You are paying for the service of generating the ticket and sending it to you or your friend(s) in a digital form (pdf). The ticket due to its customized nature is non-refundable, non-redeemable. If you have any issues with the received item please contact us and we will make sure that everything is fixed appropriately in a timely manner.

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